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Chat 22~
V~: Welcome mamokhele!! Sept 16, 2019 12:09:04 GMT
Only Onus: Wow four new members, Welcome to Mamokhele, Khanjes, Sisterwarrior and Wanda! Welcome all. :D Sept 16, 2019 12:19:49 GMT
manix: I thank the admin for accepting me as part of this avenue. As an Initiate, I have a lot more to discover and learn insights and wisdom from people above the pyramid or from citizens. Sept 16, 2019 13:06:13 GMT
Only Onus: Welcome Manix, Let us know if there is anything V, Justin or myself can do to help in your walk. Sept 16, 2019 13:36:19 GMT
manix: Thank you Only Onus.I hope you can help me Sept 16, 2019 13:52:34 GMT
Only Onus: We all will do whatever is needed, Just ask. Sept 16, 2019 14:04:34 GMT *
Only Onus: Welcome to 28eye82 Sept 16, 2019 14:05:06 GMT
Matthew Nilhes: The dinner consisted of sausages & macaroni the broth sauce was totally (ok) a little salty though :)but do not eat ketchup and what to say:) The only time I use mustard is for the Christmas ham Sept 16, 2019 15:55:20 GMT
V~: wELCOME manix! I'm just adding my forum into the offerings here. Perhaps it will help you Follow the Light with us~ Sept 16, 2019 16:22:19 GMT
V~: That actually sounds good Mattes!! Morning Onus~ Sept 16, 2019 16:22:49 GMT
Only Onus: G'Day M'Lady Sept 16, 2019 16:24:43 GMT
justindi: I'm so happy to see your bright new faces! Just as Onus said, don't hesitate to reach out for help xo Sept 16, 2019 17:59:42 GMT
Matthew Nilhes: Good evening V~ Sept 16, 2019 18:00:58 GMT *
V~: It is wonderful to have you all stop by! If there is anything you need, please reach out to our staff~ Sept 17, 2019 12:10:06 GMT
Only Onus: Hello MrMerk; Great to see you! :) Sept 17, 2019 15:55:37 GMT
V~: mrmerk!! Thx for checking in! Missed ya~ Sept 17, 2019 17:53:17 GMT
MED: Hi my family Sept 17, 2019 18:34:19 GMT
Only Onus: G'Day Med Sept 17, 2019 18:48:05 GMT
V~: Hey Med, Onus! I am winding it down. ✈️ Going to leave for the airport in 2 hours! Sept 18, 2019 0:39:23 GMT
Only Onus: Be safe, Have fun. Sept 18, 2019 1:12:39 GMT
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