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Only Onus: In the "SPIRIT" of Halloween I have added the theme "The Great Pumpkin" Lots of little animated Ghosts and stuff. Check it out. Sept 12, 2019 19:46:52 GMT
Only Onus: Simply go to ypur profile and click the "Edit Profile" tab. Then click the "Settings" tab. Sept 12, 2019 19:49:26 GMT
Only Onus: Scroll down and find "Forum Theme". Enjoy! Sept 12, 2019 19:50:17 GMT
Only Onus: Check back often, I'll be adding more. Sept 12, 2019 19:50:53 GMT
Only Onus: Found another Holloween theme, Its called "Bats". find it in your settings. Sept 12, 2019 19:58:40 GMT
Only Onus: I AM expecting some feedback. Do you like them? Sept 12, 2019 20:03:30 GMT
V~: Cool! Thx O!! Sept 12, 2019 23:22:58 GMT
V~: Love the animated one!! Sept 12, 2019 23:25:56 GMT
Only Onus: Something for everyone today. The holidays for Friday the 13 of Sep. are.. Sept 13, 2019 13:57:05 GMT
Only Onus: Blame Someone Else Day, International Skeptics Day and Positive Thinking Day. Along with Fortune Cookie Day, Peanut Day, Snack a Pickle Day and finaly International Chocolate Day. Sept 13, 2019 14:01:36 GMT
Only Onus: So go get a fortune cookie and be posotive about what it tells you, but you will still know that is just something someone made up to stick inside a cookie. Then grab a big ol' Pickle to munch on and follow it up with a Chocolate Parfait.(extra Peanuts) Sept 13, 2019 14:07:28 GMT *
Only Onus: And when you get sick; You can blame me. ;) Sept 13, 2019 14:08:03 GMT
Only Onus: Today is also the day Tupac died, so lets remember him from his early days with The Digital Underground and dance The Humpty Dance. Sept 13, 2019 14:11:26 GMT *
Only Onus: And remember that "All Around The World-Same Song". Sept 13, 2019 14:18:14 GMT
justindi: I have been craving Chinese! Sept 13, 2019 18:52:18 GMT
MED: Hi brother sister my family Sept 14, 2019 4:16:40 GMT
V~: I have been craving some good Chinese myself! I have yet to find a place in my new town. I guess I am going to have to move again! Sept 14, 2019 16:35:29 GMT
Only Onus: Hi Hana Sept 15, 2019 3:11:36 GMT
MED: Hi onus Sept 15, 2019 3:30:04 GMT
Hana: Hi to all. Sept 15, 2019 6:27:24 GMT
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